This was a really great read, & especially intriguing re Labour. The Tories & Lib Dems are infuriating on this topic but I felt more positive by the end 👍 It must be tough trying to study Keir when he's all over the place but I've no doubt he sees your writing so keep holding his feet to the fire. "Help us Obi Wan Keirobi, you're our only hope!" as Princess Leia would say 👍👍👍

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The harsh reality is that everything to do with new homes, construction and development is broken. The planning system needs a almighty shake; green belt does not work as it’s intended purpose, schemes such as permitted development just create rubbish flats from offices and CIL and S106 doesn’t work and much of the money is wasted and existing locals feel as though they haven’t seen new infrastructure yet 10% of the purchase price effectively goes to the Local Authority.

The leasehold and ownership legal structure makes it very difficult to redevelop existing low rise residential and retail as there are several owners. We could build thousands of units if there was a way the market could make these schemes work.

What does this all lead to? Denser, less well designed homes that are built at lower margins meaning more snagging and local people feeling disgruntled that new people are taking up the doctors yet they just paid £45k towards it all...

It’s all such a mess and frankly nobody has a grip or a plan yet the Conservatives seem to better understand it. LDs and Lab haven’t any clue.

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